Accounting Manager

RedPen Accounting Manager offers a quick and efficient solution for managing accounts. It allows your institution to oversee all financial activities and keep track details such as student billing along with employee and school expenses. Some of its features include debit and credit (payment and note), bank withdrawal and deposits, daybooks, petty cash book, ledgers, online bookkeeping just to name but a few.

Key Advantages

  •  Easy management of Accounts (Assets, Liabilities, Expense etc.)

  •  Generate (salary and bank slips, fee receipts, and general vouchers)

  •  Accurate and Secure maintenance of Bank Details

  •  Efficient management of total Expenses

  •  Cutting-edge Data Security and Storage

  •  Enhanced visibility of daily transactions (daybooks)

  •  Generation of scholarship receipts

  •  Easy Export of Financial Statements to Tally

  •  No need for additional Accounting Software

RedPen Accounting Manager module allows broad management of accounts without the tedious voucher posting. The seamless integration with our Fees Manager Module allows school administrators to automatically manage fees posting into specific accounts heads. With a single click, you get access to entire reports such as balance sheet, cash book, bank details, income and expenditure, ledger or trial balance.

RedPen Accounting Manager automates the management of accounts making it less tedious to maintain daily financial tasks. It provides users with a bird’s view of the school finances and resources ensuring their proper utilization. Ofcourse you can also choose to zoom and track fees like tuition, transport, food, or computer fees for each individual student. RedPen Accounting Manager is fully compliant with International Accounting Standards as well as local regulations such as The Income Tax and The Companies Act.

RedPen Accounting Manager is fully integrated with the Asset Manager module for easy management of fixed assets. Contact us today for a demo and find out how to maintain school accounts efficiently and effortlessly.


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