Parent Login Manager

RedPen Parent Login Manager is a powerful feature that enables parents to be connected with the classroom activities and teachers of their students 24/7. Parents can now actively engage in the education of their children. The school can customize the information they share with the parents such as attendance reports, calendars, grades, assignments and the regular student and parent notifications.

Tracking Student Progress

Gone are the days when parents relied on their kids for information on attendance and grade reports. With Parent Login Manager parents get notified automatically and don’t have to wait for the students to hopefully provide them with notifications from school. The parents can get the information directly from teachers straight from their computers or mobile devices. The information from the Parent Login Manager is the most accurate and up-to-date particularly for grades and attendance reports.

Parents do not need to make constant requests for progress reports from teachers since the Parent Login Manager is updated on a daily basis.

Direct Communication

There are certain times when parents have concerns that need to be dealt with by the teachers before the commencement of the next school day. It could be about test scores, homework or school project. The parents could also need to communicate directly to the teacher with suggestions about classroom activities, attendance and discipline issues or student grades. The Parent login manager allows parents to send messages directly to the teacher. This direct communication is important in keeping track of student progress in school ensuring their success.


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