RedPen helps you to track and monitor your school's key performance indicators. RedPen reduces the time taken to merge numerous data sources like grade-books and attendance registers into meaningful real-time information.

RedPen mobile App empowers parents to track and monitor their child's performance. Parents are timely updated on their child's attendance, discipline and progress in learning.

Below are some of the key benefits of using RedPen.

Reduce Staff Workload

RedPen makes school administrative processes paperless thereby lightening workload for both teaching and support staff. RedPen streamlines operations of your school through various modules including admissions, attendance, accounts, financial, examination and results, hostel management, sports and events management.

Reduce Supervision Workload

RedPen reduces supervision workload. School administrators no longer need teachers to submit attendance registers and grade-books for inspection. They can simply login and view lesson plans, grade-books, remedial or homework issued by any teacher at any time.

Improve Collection of School Fees

RedPen automates school fees collection process through seamless integration of online payment gateways enabling the payment of fees via the web and mobile devices. School administrators can track fee payments for every student and generate up-to-date reports.

Improve Student Discipline

RedPen help schools to track and document disciplinary incidences, as well as generating charts and graphs that give you valuable insight on behavioural trends. This helps administrators to proactively address issues and positively impact discipline at school.

Improve Parental Involvement

RedPen takes the school to the parents and share timely updates that are in context and helpful for them to support their child. RedPen allows secure sharing of performance data with the affected parents, helping them to effectively coordinate on emerging problem areas. Through RedPen mobile App parents keep in the loop regarding progress of their child in school.

RedPen is easy to setup

RedPen is easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave. You do not need to buy any hardware. You do not need to download and install any software. Your school does not need to employ any extra staff to run the system. You also do not need to worry about any updates or backups. We run everything from our end. You just subscribe and you are up and running.


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